Aug 21, 2011

Whistle Activated Key Finder

If you happen to be one of those who misplace stuff often, the last thing you’d want to lose is surely your house and car keys. Here’s one useful and cute keychain that’ll help you get around this problem.

This cute keychain shaped like a dog is an electronic key find that will help you locate lost keys. The way it is activated is when it hears a whistle via its electronic sensor built inside. When activated, it will sound off a beep and the dog’s nose will flash, allowing one to quickly locate the keys attached to the key finder easily.
One cool keychain gadget for those who lose their stuff often, but the drawback is that anything that sounds like a whistle will cause it to activate, which can be quite annoying at the wrong place and the wrong time. However, for those who really need something like this, the usefulness of this key finder gadget is surely worth it over the slight inconvenience. Available at Suck UK for £5 each.