Jan 9, 2010


Mobile TV

We can watch TV programs on our handsets even while being mobile. We can watch any of the programmers that are being provided by the content provider, who is having an agreement with BSNL to provide the content, on mobile TV.. The basic requirement is 3G enabled multimedia mobile phone with a 3G enabled mobile connection.

MOBILE TV SETTINGS To Download MIMOBI TV on mobile :

Pre requisite : Carry out the WAP settings and make wapsouth.cellone.in as default APN as explained above (in To connect using bsnl-wap as APN).


1. Send SMS MY3GTV to 55447.
2. You will receive the Mobile TV application download URL in your handset

as a service message

3. Click as the URL.

4. Download menu will be received stating the name of application, size, Type, Click OK.

Now the application starts downloading.

(for 3G the size of the application is approximately 662 KB).

5. You will be prompted with ?Install MimobiTV??, choose Yes.

6. Detail of the application will be shown, select continue.

7. You will be prompted with Install 662KB to

i) Nokia - (internal memory)

ii) Memory card - (additional memory card)

Select where sufficient memory is available and installation will start.

8. A message will be displayed stating the application will make use of GPRS etc.,

Choose continue.

9. After installing the application, the available mobile TV channel lists will be displayed

alongwith an user alert.

Too many Access Points.

Please delete some Access Points and try again!........

Click OK (No issues?.).

10. Now select any channel.

11. You will get a prompt-subscribe for

i) - Rs. 150 All channels/month

ii) - Rs. 50- One channel/month

iii) - Rs. 10 - One channel/day

iv) Preview - Free

Choose the required Plan and select OK.

12. Now the Terms & Conditions will be displayed. Select OK.

Come out of the MimobiTV application.

13. In the main menu one new folder will be created with name as MimobiTV. Open that,

inside MimobiTV application will be there.

Open MimobiTV.

14. Now click on any channel, you will get the registration status (Success), Click OK.

15. Again go to the channels list and view the channels as you like.


Send SMS UNSUB ( or ) UNSUBSCRIBE to 55447.

3G Compatible Handsets supporting 3G Mobile TV

S.No Handset Deployed Platform NOTE

1 Nokia N71 S60 bsnl-wap as default

2 Nokia E60 S60

3 Nokia E61 S60

4 Nokia E61i S60

5 Nokia E65 S60

6 Nokia E70 S60

7 Nokia N73 S60

8 Nokia N77 S60

9 Nokia N80 S60

10 Nokia N91 S60

11 Nokia N92 S60

12 Nokia N93 S60

13 Nokia N93i S60

14 Nokia N91 8GB S60

15 Nokia 6290 S60

16 Nokia 6110(Navigator) S60

17 Nokia 6120(Classic) S60

18 Nokia 6121(Classic) S60

19 Nokia E51 S60

20 Nokia E66 S60

21 Nokia E71 S60

22 Nokia E90 S60

23 Nokia N76 S60

24 Nokia N81 S60

25 Nokia N95 S60

26 Nokia N82 S60

27 Nokia 6124Classic S60

28 Nokia E63 S60

29 Nokia N95-3 NAM S60

30 Nokia N95 8GB S60

31 Nokia N81 8GB S60

32 Nokia 5700 XpressMusic S60

33 Nokia N96 S60

34 Nokia N78 S60

35 Nokia 6650Classic S60

36 Nokia 6210Navigator S60

37 Nokia 6220Classic S60

38 Nokia5320XpressMusic S60

39 Nokia N79 S60

40 Nokia N85 S60

41 Nokia N96-3 S60

42 Nokia 5730Xpress Music S60

43 Nokia 5630Xpress Music S60

44 Nokia 6710 Navigator S60

45 Nokia 6720 Classic S60

46 Nokia E55 S60

47 Nokia E75 S60

48 Nokia 5800 Xpress Music S60

49 Nokia N97 S60

51 Samsung GT-i7110 S60

52 Samsung SGH-L870 S60

53 Samsung SGH-i560 S60

54 Samsung SGH-i550 S60

55 Samsung SGH-G810 S60

56 Samsung I8510 S60

57 Sony EricssonC702 WAP TV Java setting to be done separately (APN:tvsouth.cellone.in)

58 Sony Ericsson C510 WAP TV

59 Sony Ericsson C510i WAP TV

60 Sony Ericsson C905 WAP TV

61 Sony Ericsson G502 WAP TV

62 Sony Ericsson G705 WAP TV

63 Sony Ericsson K630i WAP TV

64 Sony Ericsson K660i WAP TV

65 Sony Ericsson K850i WAP TV

66 Sony Ericsson T700 WAP TV

67 Sony Ericsson V640 WAP TV

68 Sony Ericsson W508 WAP TV

69 Sony Ericsson W595 WAP TV

70 Sony Ericsson W705 WAP TV

71 Sony Ericsson W760 WAP TV

72 Sony Ericsson W890i WAP TV

73 Sony Ericsson W902 WAP TV

74 Sony Ericsson W910i WAP TV

75 Sony Ericsson W980 WAP TV

76 Sony Ericsson Z770 WAP TV