Jan 18, 2007


Using More Than One Modem at a Time
Added 11/6/00
(Win98, WinME and Win2000) If you have two phone lines in your home and want to use them both to dial out,you can use MultiLink, which will effectively double your connection speed.
Create a dial-up connection like your normally would.
Right click on the icon and select Properties
Click on the Multilink tab
Click on Use additional devices
Click on the Add
Click on the other modem you would like to use
If your ISP allows, you can use the same phone number, otherwise enter an additional phone number to dial.
You should now connect with both modems.
You can confirm this by opening up your dial up connection in the System Tray after you connect.
Hiding Network Shares
Added 11/6/00
If you want to hide your network shares from being seen by browsing, just end them with a $
Seeing Servers Your Are Connected To When OnLine
Added 10/8/00
To see what servers you are connected to when on the InternetSimply run Netstat
Backing Up Your ISP Settings
Added 2/22/00
If you want to save your ISP settings (name, phone, login id etc.) for future installations:
Start Regedit
Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ RemoteAccess
Select Registry / Export Registry
Make sure Selected branch is checked
For the name, enter any name that will help you remember the purpose of the .reg file
Now if you need to restore your ISP settings after a new installation of Windows, you just need to import this file
Forcing Alpha-Numeric Passwords
Added 2/12/00
In order to force passwords that just use alpha-numeric characters
Start Regedit
Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Policies \ Network
Create a DWORD entry called AlphanumPwds
Give it a value of 1
Download reg file
Speeding Up Internet Searches
Added 1/9/00
When you go to a web site, the first thing that happens is that a query goes out to the DNS server for IP address of the web site.In order to eliminate this query, you can simply add the IP address and web name into the HOSTS file in the Windows directory.To find the IP address, just PING the web name (ping www.microsoft.com)
For example, Microsoft would be: www.microsoft.com #.url
You can do this for all the sites you regularly visit.
Auto-Dial Internet Connections (Win98)
Added 12/6/99
If Win98 is not automatically dialing your Internet Connection:
Open up the Dial Up Networking box
Click on Connections / Settings
Uncheck Prompt for information before dialing
Opening the Make New Connection Dialog Box
Submitted 6/30/99
This command line will pop up the "Make new connection" window. rundll rnaui.dll,RnaWizard /1
Submitted by
Help Stop Modem Disconnects
Added 1/16/98
If you modem goes offline frequently, it may be due to a temporary lost carrier. To lengthen the time the modem will go offline after the carrier is lost, change the modem properties.
Open up the Control Panel
Double click on the Modem icon
Click on Properties / Connection / Advanced
In the Extra Settings, enter S10=10
This will enable the modem to stay connected without a carrier for up to 10 seconds.
Speeding Up Your Modem's Dialing
Submitted 12/31/98
For Win95, to make that modem dial much faster:
Open up the Control Panel
Double click on the Modem icon
Click on Properties / Connection / Advanced
In the Extra Settings enter S11=x , where x is how many milliseconds each tone sounds. Try S11 = 1, then dial, you'll be surprised.
Submitted by

Showing Your Actual Modem's Connection Speed
Added 10/25/98
Normally when you open up the modem icon in the system try, it shows the port connect speed.So see your actual modem speed:
Go Control Panel
Open up the Modems icon
Click Properties
Click on the Connection tab
Click the Advanced button
In the Extr Settings, put ATW2L0 (the last character is a zero)
Increasing Modem Performance
To increase modem performance when connecting to the Internet:
Disable compression on your modem
In SYSTEM.INI under 386enh section put in: COMxBUFFER=1024 (x is your modem port number )
Add AT%C0 (that's a zero),to the extra settings line of your modem's properties.
Switch errror correction off
Submitted by
Controlling Your Modem's Speaker
Submitted 7/3/98
In modem settings switch to the scripting tab and where it says extra settings, type in the following to achieve the following:
M0 : switches modem volume off completely
&L=1,2, or 3 : changes the volume of the modem 3 being the loudest and 1 the quietest)
By experimenting with M0, M1,2 or 3 you are able to turn the modem on during connection only, ring only etc..
Submitted by
Augustine Whitehouse
To Find Your IP Address
Submitted 5/25/06
To find your IP address when connected:
Open Explorer
In the Windows folder find the file WINIPCFG.
Drag a shortcut onto your screen.
Now when you are online you can double click the shortcut to see your IP address and other data.

Determine the Optimal MAX MTU Setting
Added 2/21/98
There are several programs available that will change you MAX MTU setting for you or you can do it by editing the registry directlyAn easy way to determine what that setting should be is to use the PING command.You basically want to start out with a MAX MTU of 1500 then use the PING command as follows:
where HOST_IP_ADDRESS is the IP address of the site you want to ping andPACKET_SIZE is the size of the MAX MTU setting you are trying to test
Keep decreasing the packet size until you don't get any messages regarding fragmentation
To change the MAX MTU setting, see the section on
Changing the MaxMTU and other Network Settings
Faster Access to the Network Properties Box
Submitted 2/18/98
Right click on the Network Neighborhood icon
Select Properties to see network configurations.
This is the same result as click on the Start / Settings / Control Panel / Network Icon

Using UNC Network Names with Files
Submitted 12/7/97
As already mentioned, you can use long file names in an MS DOS Box.But you can even use UNC-style network names.
Example: DIR \\server\share1\dir1will give you all files on the computer named "server", in the share named "share1" and in the directory "dir1".
This does not work with CD, but it will work with MD, RD, DIR, COPY, MOVE, REN, and so on.I use this in combination with a batch file to copy files to a number of computers on a network.

Faster Connecting to the Internet
Submitted 11/22/97
I found that I had to wait about one minute to get connected to the internet.In your Dial-Up settings, make sure you only have TCP/IP checked and that Log on to Network is not checked.
Changing the Number of Rings Before Dial-Up Server Answers
Submitted 10/4/97
To change the number of rings before Dial up Networking Server answers:
Find the INF file for the modem in the \WINDOWS\INF directory. The filename will begin with "mdm" and end with characters desciptive of the manufacturer, ie. "supra" for Supra Express modem.
Make a copy of this file.
Edit this file with notepad and look for a string "HKR, Answer, 1,, "ATA".
Change to HKR, Answer, 1,, "None".
A few lines up from this should be the line HKR, Monitor, 1,, "ATS0=0" Change the value of the S0 register to the number of rings you would like to have the modem answer on.
Remove the modem by using the Control panel System Device Manager.
Reinstall the modem using the REFRESH Button.
This should install the modem using the updated INF file.
Resetting Forgotten Dial-Up Server Password
Added 10/2/97
If you forget the password you set for you Dial-Up Serversimply delete (or rename) the RNA.PWL file in the WINDOWS directory
Speeding up Dial-Up Networking for Games
Submitted 9/13/97
To reduce lag on a dial-up connection, ie: for multiplayer network games:
Go to Dial-Up Networking
Right click the connection you use to play network games
Select Server Types & look in the Advanced Options window
Uncheck the Enable Software Compression option.
Also, in the General tab, look in the Connect Using box, where your modem should appear
Click the modem's Configure button.
Go to: Connection, Advanced (at the bottom of the Connection window)
Make sure that error control is on, but is not set to compress data.
NOTE: This type of connection isn't optimized for browsing, but will work in most cases.

Monitoring Your Dial-Up Connection
Added 8/23/97
There are some system checks you can use to see how good your ISP and Phone lines are.You either net OEM SR2 or the ISDN Accelerator Pack 1.1 installed
Make sure SYSMON is installed. You can add this through the Control Panel / Add New Programs
Select Edit / Add Item
Click on Dial-Up Networking Adapter
Select CRC Errors
Click on OK
If you have lots of CRC errors, either the phone lines or your modem is having problems.
You can also add Framing Errors and Timeout Errors if you are still having problems and your phone line appears ok.

No Network Logon Prompt
Added 2/16/97
If you are not being prompted for a logon when starting Windows95,and you need to be, there are some possible solutions:
1. Your password may be set to be blankTo correct this:
Open up the Control Panel
Open up Passwords
Click on Change Windows Password
Your Old Password is blank
Enter your password in the New Password and Confirm New Password boxes
2. Registry SettingYou may have an AutoLogon key set in the Registry which needs to be removed
Start Regedit
Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Network \ Real Mode Net
If the key AutoLogon=x appears, delete it
Download reg file

Not Saving your Dial-Up Password
Submitted 11/22/96
If and when dial-up networking won't remember your passwords anymore , you can have a corrupted password list file.
Either restore your PWL files from a backup or :Do a file find on *.PWL and rename them to another extension (*.bak)This will force dial-up to create a new password file
Notes from Bob: There are a few other possibilities:
1. You need to install Client for Microsoft Networks as part of your network setup.
2. You may have an entry in the registry that is causing problems:
Start Regedit
Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Network \ Real Mode Net \
Either delete the key autologon or change the value from 0 to 01
3. If deleting the PWL file did solve the problem, you can also download the
Password List Update (278 K) program from Microsoft to prevent it from happening again..
Submitted by Martin. Weterings

Fixing a problem with Shortcuts that keep network UNC connections
Added 10/20/96
By default, when you create a shortcut to a network application, both the Drive letter and UNC connection are stored as part of the shortcut.The reasoning that if the drive letter gets reassigned or deleted, the UNC connection will serve as an additional way to ensure that the application is available.This can also be a problem because when you want to re-assign the drive to a new server, it will still make the connection to the old one through the UNC
To disable this feature, there is a program called SHORTCUT.EXE in the Admin / Apptools / Envvars directory.Execute the program with a -? to see a description of the available switches.
Changing the MaxMTU and other Network Settings
Added 10/19/96
There are four network settings that can be configured so when dialing to an ISP, you should get somewhat greater throughput.They are the MaxMTU, MaxMSS and DefaultRcvWindow, and DefaultTTL
MaxMTU and MaxMSS
Go to Hkey_Local_Machine / System / CurrentControlset / Services / Class / netTrans / 000n(where n is your particular network adapter binding.)
Right click on the right panel
Select New / String Value
Type in MaxMTU
Double click on it and enter then the number you want. The usual change is to 576
Similarly, you can add MaxMSS and give it a value of 536 (or 40 less that your Max MTU setting)
DefaultRcvWindows and DefaultTTL
Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ System \ CurrentControlSet \ Services \ VxD \ MSTCP
Add a new string DefaultRcvWindow and give it a value of 2144 (or 4 times your MaxMSS setting)
Add a new string DefaultTTL and give it a value of 60-64
To find out the optimal setting, go to
Determining Optimal MaxMTU Setting to Use

Disable Password Caching
Added 10/19/96
As in Windows for Workgroups, when logging on to an NT Domain, it is preferable to disable password caching.This allows for the single NT Domain login and eliminates the secondary Windows logon screen.It also eliminates the possibility of the respective passwords to get out of sync.
To disable password caching on the workstation, a one-line addition to the registry needs to be made.To make the change, create a ASCII text file called DISABLE.REG with the following lines:
Open up a DOS box and type REGEDIT DISABLE.REG
You can also download the
If you need to re-enable password caching, download
ENABLE.REG and repeat the process just with the different file name

Starting a Dial-Up Connection from the Command Line
Added 10/9/06
You can dial your ISP from a command line. This can make it easy to create a batch file that willdo things like dial, start your e-mail and web browser.
The syntax is:rundll rnaui.dll,RnaDial connectoid
Note: The RnaDial and connectoid components of the command line are case sensitive

Device Contention when trying to use a Modem
Added 10/9/06
Occasionally, when trying to use your modem, you might get the following errors:
Another program is using the selected Telephony device. Try again after the other program completes.orCannot initialize port
The state of Windows 95 device contention is determined by the value for the "COM n AutoAssign=x"setting in the [386Enh] section of the System.ini file,where n is the number of the serial port and x is a value from -1 to 1000.
The default setting in Windows 95 is -1. This setting causes Windows 95 to not release a serial port previously usedby a non-Windows-based program.
If you need hot-swapping capability between an MS-DOS-based communications program and a Windows-based communication program,add the following entry to the [386Enh] section of the System.ini file:
Com n AutoAssign=0

Unable to Browse the Network
Added 3/1/07
If you do not have a logon password, Windows95 might have problems when you try and browse the network.Try the following steps to solve the problem.
Go to Hkey_Local_Machine \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ Current_version \ Network \ Real mode net
Delete the line that says AUTOLOGON=0
Save the changes and reboot the system
Download reg file

Automatic NT Domain Logon
Added 1/2/07
When you need to logon to an NT Domain, Windows95 prompts you for you User ID, Password, and Domain NameTo have Windows95 automatically log you on:
Make sure Password Caching is Enabled, No Minimum Password Length has been set, and User Profiles is not enabled
Open the Control Panel
Double click on the Network icon
Change the Primary Network Logon to Windows Logon
Click on the OK button
Do not restart the computer when prompted
Double click on the Passwords icon
Click on the Change Windows Password button
Do not check the Microsoft Network box
Type in your old password and nothing for the new and confirmation password
Click on the OK button
Restart Windows95
Don't type any password for your Windows password. This is what you just set it for.
When the Domain Login screen comes up, check Save this password in your password list
The next time you start Windows95, you will be automatically logged into your NT Domain.
NOTE: This bypasses the security that logging into an NT Domain is used to provide.Do not use in areas where security is critical.
You can also download the new
Tweak from Microsoft which will also allow you to do the same function.This will work for Windows95 as well as NT 4.0

Auto-Dialing for 32-bit Internet Applications
Submitted 7/11/96
If your 32-bit Internet applications do not automatically invoke yourWindows 95 Dialer, here is a way I found to enable this feature.
First, bring up an internet application such as Netscape or Internet Explorer.
Next, manually dial into your internet provider by double-clicking your connection icon.
Once connected, go to the Control Panel and double-click on the Internet icon.
Once the window open, uncheck the checkbox titled "Dial whenever an Internet Connection is needed".
Click the check box again and make sure there is a check in the checkbox.
Next, click the APPLY button.
Finally , click the OK button.
Once you do this, close your internet application and disconnect from your internet provider.Re-start your Internet application and the Windows 95 dialer should start up.NOTE: From my experience, all Internet applications will be effected and will automatically start the Windows 95 dialer.
Submitted by J. Walker

Dial-Back with Windows95
Added 6/2/96
Some servers use dial-back as a security feature. How this works is that after you connect to the serverit automatically dials you back for verification.
To get Windows95 to hang up the phone and not end the PPP client:
Open the Control Panel
Double Click on the Modems icon
Select your modem
Click on the Properties button
Select Connection tab
Click on the Advanced tab
In the Extra Settings area enter &C0 S0=1 - They are zeros not "o's"
The S0=1 sets your modem for Auto-Answer after 1 ringThe &C0 avoids ending the PPP client.

Disabling File and Print Sharing
Added 4/29/96
Start Regedit
Go to HKLM,SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Network
Add a new DWORD Value
Rename it to NoPrintSharing or NoFileSharing
Assign it a value of 1
Download no_printer_sharing reg fileDownload no_file_sharing reg file
Also see the Installation Section on doing this automatically during installation.

Changing your Modem's Initialization String
Added 4/9/96
Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ System \ CurrentControlSet \ Services \ Class \ Modem \ 0000 \ Init
Change the settings to the values for your modem

Easy way to Re-Dial on busy signals
Submitted 2/15/96
If the line is busy to your provider and you don't want to *wait* until your dialer will re-dial,just press ESC key and then press enter key or click on connect - meaning it will dial-up again immediately.

Increasing the Modem Timeout
Added 1/12/06
If your modem it timing out during file transfers or loading Web Pages,you might try increasing the timeout period.
To change it:
Start Regedit
Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE / System / CurrentControlSet / Services / Class / Modem / XXXX / SettingsWhere XXXX is the number of your modem
Move to the right panel and double click on Inactivity Timeout
The number of minutes for a timeout should be entered between the brackets.
For example, a US Robotics Sportster could have S19=<30> to set it to 30 minutes.
Automatic Re-Dialing for Dial-Up Network
Submitted 10/19/95
Open up My Computer.
Open up Dial-Up Networking.
Go to the Connection Menu then Settings.
Make sure Redial is checked.
Set the number of times you want to redial, up to 100 times.
Click Ok and your off !
Submitted by Scott Do


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